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Get Your Mobile Transformer Up To Speed

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Mobile substation transformers provide vital backup for many communities’ power grids. When catastrophic storms and natural disasters damage a permanent substation, or when planned maintenance calls for temporary power transformation, a reliable mobile transformer can be a priceless service provider.

Priceless, however, comes at a price. A new mobile substation transformer will cost $1 million and up, plus the cost of several years waiting for manufacturing and delivery. Mobile transformer rentals come at a steep price, plus hefty insurance costs. A more economical option (and quicker than buying a new one) is to remanufacture your existing mobile substation transformer and continue to be able to count on it when a service need arises. With remanufacturing you get all new copper windings and a new insulation package.

Mobile Substation Transformers

Mobile substation transformers are specialized equipment and owning one—no matter its current condition—puts you at an advantage. They are expensive to purchase new; some estimates put mobile units at more than double the cost of stationary transformers. 

Much of this premium is due to the portability of a mobile unit, the trailer and related DOT-certified equipment. They must be manufactured so they’re light enough to travel on roads with strict vehicle weight limits. Remanufacturing gives you the benefit of being able to reuse the expensive component on your mobile unit.

Mobile transformers see fewer hours of service than a fixed transformer, and that helps expand their service life. Often, however, a mobile transformer might operate at a higher power density than stationary units, and they can require extra cooling capacity. Even with less service time, a mobile transformer might work under more stressful conditions.

The fact that mobile transformers are on trailers makes them good candidates for remanufacturing. They can be shipped by truck to a specialized facility. Once there, the mobile units can be fully inspected and analyzed. With mobile transformers, it’s common to be able to reuse the trailer, the tank, the transformer core, and internal switches. It’s possible the copper coils may not need remanufacturing and rewinding services, but the complete working condition of the transformer will be determined during the initial analysis. 

At Jordan Transformer, we explain all options to customers so they can determine the best course of action for getting their transformer back in service and meet their longer-term goals. 

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Save by Reusing 

By reusing major components such as the tank and core, remanufacturing reduces material costs. The process can include updating equipment such as bushings, lightning arresters, relays and breakers, controls and gauges. 

Even with the welding, reassembly, and painting that is required in remanufacturing a transformer, going this route will likely save you time and money compared to shopping for a new replacement.

As a specialist in transformer remanufacturing and reconditioning, Jordan Transformer has the experience and the facilities to successfully remanufacture or recondition your mobile substation transformer. When we finish the work, we test the mobile transformer before sending it back to you for years more service on the electrical grid. To discuss our processes and see if it is right for your equipment, please contact us and we can answer any questions you have in detail.

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