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Your transformers. Your way. 69kV-230kV transformers in half the time of an OEM.

Our Suppliers and Component Reuse Options

Your Transformers. Your Way.

Jordan Transformer will remanufacture your transformer using the same suppliers as new OEM manufacturers. If you have preferred vendors or want to maintain commonality with other units, we can work with you to get you exactly what you want.

Power Transformers Suppliers

Copper → Rea Magnet Wire & Essex
Furukawa Magnet Wire
Insulation Package → Weidmann
Mineral Oil → Ergon hyvolt II
Bushings → ABB & PCORE
Load Tap Changer → Reinhausen®, ABB, GE, SPX
Controls → Schweitzer (SEL), Basler
Gauges & Relays → Qualitrol, Messko,
Schweitzer (SEL)
Switches →  Quality Switch, ABB
Tank Components → Weldall
Core Steel → JFE Shoji
Radiators → TranTech
Electrical Short Circuit Design → Andersen FLD12 software


Mobile Substation Suppliers

Circuit Breakers → ABB, Mitsubishi, Siemens 
Oil Coolers → Modine
Oil Pumps → Cardinal
Pole Mounts → Power Partners
Control Cabinets → Wunderlich-Malec
Trailers → Nelson
Circuit Switchers →  Southern States and S&C



Components Reuse Options

Substation transformers have many significant components such as tanks and cores that were built to be reliable and last. Our approach is to reuse the external components (bushings, LTC, controls, accessories, gauges, radiators, etc.) of your transformer if we can. Our detailed inspection reports will provide you a comprehensive analysis and recommendation on what components could be reused and comply with your specification requirements.

Internal Components External Components
Core Tank
DETC Bushings
Lead Structure Controls
Multi-Voltage Switches Gauges
Terminal Boards Breakers