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Your transformers. Your way. 69kV-230kV transformers in half the time of an OEM.

Remanufacturing America's Power Grid

Here at Jordan Transformer, we upgrade your transformers your way to match OEM quality in half the time it takes to receive new units.

100% Focused on Remanufacturing

Our facility in Jordan, Minnesota is the only facility in the United States exclusively dedicated to remanufacturing mobile and substation transformers.

A Better Option for Transformers: save time, money, and gain reliability.

Power your future faster by remanufacturing


Substation Transformers

Confidently rebuild your transformers to your specifications, ensuring extended decades of reliability

Specialize in base ratings from 10MVA-80MVA, 69kV-230kV


Mobile Substations

Configure and gain commonality of your fleet, achieving maximized performance for many years to come

Specialize in base ratings from 5MVA-50MVA, 69kV-161kV

Why Remanufacturing Wins

Get transformers in half the time OEMs can deliver

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Advantages of Remanufacturing

  • Shorter design and delivery time 
  • Select the exact upgrades you want
  • "Plug-and-play" seamless substation connection
  • Maintain vintage design with custom upgrades
  • Environmentally friendly reuse of components

Remanufacturing Steps

  • Ship your transformer to JT
  • Untank core and coil
  • Failure analysis, inspection, and Final Scope of Work Report
  • Redesign to meet your needs
  • Rewind coils & reassemble tank
  • Testing in accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.90™
  • Delivered back to your substation

What you get with JT

  • A company with a 50 year legacy of delivering an affordable, greener, and more reliable power transformer by remanufacturing America’s substations, faster than OEMs.

Reviving Excellence:

Remanufacturing Success Stories

See how remanufacturing substation transformers helped these utilities upgrade and resolve issues faster than purchasing new transformers

IOU 5-2-1


Substation Transformer Voltage Composition Change

Read how Jordan Transformer remanufactured a substation transformer by providing the same advanced functionality of new equipment in the more robust structure of the original unit.

Fire 6.2-1


Reconditioning After
Fire Damage Brings
Transformer Back to Life

Internal wear and tear caused a bushing to explode and catch fire on a 24/32/40 MVA 138—13.8Y ASEA transformer with LTC. Read how remanufacturing provided the solution.

After Coils-1


Coil Failure Creates
Opportunity to
Increase Capacity

Smaller electric co-ops sometimes have difficulty purchasing new transformers at a price they can afford. Read how one co-op remanufactured their transformer as a solution.

Revitalizing the Utilities Industry

From reenergizing your failing transformers to powering future growth, we're here to expand your possibilities faster than an OEM can provide.

Who we work with:

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Investor Owned Utilities

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Rural Electric Cooperatives

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Municipalities/Government Owned

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Industrial Applications

Have a question? Ask JT.

With 50 years of experience under our belt, we have seen it all.