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It's About Time

You need transformers faster than an OEM can deliver. We're here to help.

Established in 1973, Jordan Transformer specializes in offering transformer remanufacturing services to the utilities industry. In the past 50 years, we have gained expertise and experience rebuilding substation power transformers and mobile substations from virtually every original manufacturer (OEM) to like-new condition. We help customers gain value by reusing design concepts and components from existing transformers and mobile substations rated at 10MVA-80MVA, 69kV-230kV.

Our vision: Deliver an affordable, greener, reliable electrical power grid.

Our mission: Remanufacture America’s substations, faster than OEMs.

We are the only US-dedicated, power substation transformer remanufacturer. We grew by staying true to these goals:


Listen and adapt to improve our customer experience.


Conscientiously develop a quality process and product.


Provide a safe and rewarding environment for employees.


Serve and support our community.


Maintain consistent above par financial performance.

These values drive our work daily:

clarity in action
for our stakeholders
do what’s right
can do!


What are your base ratings capabilities?

A. We handle power substation transformers with base ratings from 10MVA-80MVA and 69kV-230kV, and mobile substations with base ratings from 5MVA-50MVA and 69kV-161kV.

What types of transformers does Jordan Transformer remanufacture?
A. We rewind and remanufacture step-down substation transformers as well as mobile substations, core form, medium power, load tap changing, furnace transformers, and voltage regulators.
What are your crane capabilities?
A: Utilizing both 80-ton and 50-ton cranes in tandem (using our custom engineered spreader bar) an engineered lift of up to 120-ton is possible. We can accommodate the largest medium power transformers when using our untanking pit.