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Your transformers. Your way. 69kV-230kV transformers in half the time of an OEM.

Request a Quote

We look forward to chatting further about your potential project!

Once you fill out the form, our team will reach out to gather more specifics about your transformer: 
  1. Nameplate—drawing, copy, or photo
  2. Photos of the unit—all sides if possible
  3. Outline drawing
  4. OEM factory test reports
  5. Control and wiring diagrams
  6. Failure reports if available
  7. Original Manufacturer
  8. MVA
  9. Voltage Class
  10. Core and Coil Weight
  11. Total Weight
  12. Transformer Location (City, State)

Please Note

  • JT remanufactures substation class oil-filled power transformers base ratings between 10 MVA and 80 MVA with voltages up to 230 kV. We also remanufacture and upgrade mobile substations with base ratings between 5 MVA and 50 MVA with voltages up to 161 kV.
  • JT DOES NOT remanufacture shell-form transformers, rectangular core-form transformers, polemounts, padmounts, or dry type transformers