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Your transformers. Your way. 69kV-230kV transformers in half the time of an OEM.

FAQs on Remanufacturing Transformers

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What are your base ratings capabilities?

A. We handle power transformers with base ratings from 10MVA-80MVA, 69kV-230kV, and mobile substations with base ratings from 5MVA-50MVA, 69kV-161kV.

What types of transformers does Jordan Transformer repair?
A. We repair substation step-down power transformers as well as mobile substations, furnace transformers, and voltage regulators.
What are your testing capabilities?
A: We can provide full IEEE Class II Testing, including: impulse, partial discharge, hi-pot, heat run, sound level, zero sequence, 24-hour core loss.
What are your crane capabilities?
A. We have an 80 ton and 50 ton crane in our high bay production floor. 
What are the advantages of rewinding/remanufacturing vs. alternative of buying new?


  • Reusing the core steel and tank of an existing transformer often offers substantial savings in both price and lead time. The savings are even more dramatic on LTC transformers.
  • Our turnaround time is typically half that of new manufacturers.
  • No sacrifice in quality or life expectancy and all transformers are upgraded in design to today’s short circuit standards.
  • Plug-and-play functionality into the substation.
  • Environmentally friendly reuse of components.
What repair options can you offer for a failed transformer with rectangular core & coil design?
A. Jordan Transformer can “convert” some transformers to circular core & coil design with all new core steel and new disc windings. Our clients have found this to be an excellent option. We have done more than 25 “rectangular to circular” core & coil conversions.
Do you buy surplus transformers?
A. No, we remanufacture your substation power transformers that are failed or gassing. 
Do you work on furnace transformers and rectifiers?
A. Yes - we are experts with both.