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Remanufacturing America’s Power Grid

A Better Option for Transformers

By choosing to remanufacture your transformer you save time, money, and gain reliability.

A Better Option for Transformers

Reuse many of your transformer's valuable components and be back in service sooner.

A Better Option for Transformers: save time, money, and gain reliability.

Advantages of remanufacturing
  • Your transformer is returned better than new
  • Shorter lead time compared to purchasing new
  • Select the exact upgrades you want

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How it works
  • Ship to Jordan Transformer 
  • Untank core and coil 
  • Inspection & FSOW report
  • Redesign to meet current needs
  • Rewind coils & reassemble tank
  • Testing in accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.90™, including Class II tests when required
  • Delivered and installed
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What you get with JT
  • Dedicated facility for remanufacturing
  • Expertise with all types of substation transformers
  • Solutions for your upgrade needs 
  • 50 years of experience

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