Transformer Assembly and Accessory Installation

Jordan Transformer Field Service specializes in new transformer installation and time sensitive projects. We have worked with many of the major worldwide OEM's on installation and assembly projects across North America. Jordan Transformer is your transformer assembly specialist.

  • New transformer installation
  • Project coordination services
  • Acceptance processing and testing
  • Accessory equipment installation
  • Commissioning


Jordan Transformer Field Service offers accessory installation and testing of all transformer components including but not limited to:

  • Cooler fitting and installation
  • CT and PT installation
  • Control cabinet fabrication and transformer component wiring
  • Fan and pump testing and installation/retrofitting
  • Beckwith® LTC controller troubleshooting and installation
  • Sudden pressure relay and pressure relief device testing
  • Installation of transformer monitoring technologies
  • Transformer nitrogen systems
  • Transformer dry out systems


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