Oil Processing

The life of a transformer hinges on the physical and chemical properties of its oil. Our staff can help you interpret your oil test reports and recommend a course of action to bring your oil, FR3, or synthetic insulating liquids  back within IEEE/ANSI spec.

Jordan Transformer operates and maintains a fleet of transformer oil processing equipment in house. Our equipment has the latest moisture in oil monitoring technology by Doble engineering, as well real time monitoring of the transformer dew point under vacuum. We work with some of the USA's largest utilities maintaining transformer oil conditions. We also work on behalf of many worldwide transformer OEM's on transformer assemblies, transformer vacuum filling and transformer oil processing.

Jordan Transformer Field Service offers a wide range of transformer oil processing solutions depending on the condition of your oil. Some of the transformer oil processing services we offer are listed below:

  • Hot oil processing
  • Refrigerant cold trap moisture removal
  • Fullers earth treatment
  • Dehydration
  • Degassification
  • Retrofilling
  • Vacuum dryout
  • Vacuum filling
  • Addition and dispersion of inhibitor
  • Jordan Transformer field service has its own 9,000 gallon storage tanker and containment dedicated to transformer oil.


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