Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of transformers does Jordan Transformer repair?

A. With over 43 years of experience to utilities and industrial customers, our engineering and production departments are experienced with power transformers from virtually all original manufacturers. We primarily repair substation power transformers as well as mobile transformers, furnace transformers, and voltage regulators.


Q. What are the advantages of repairing/remanufacturing vs. buying new?

A.Reusing the core steel and tank of an existing transformer has very substantial savings in both price and lead time. The savings are even more dramatic on LTC transformers!
Our turn around time is typically half that of new manufacturers.
No sacrifice in quality or life expectancy and all transformers are upgraded in design to today's short circuit standards.


Q. What repair options can you offer for a failed transformer with rectangular core & coil design?

A. Jordan Transformer can "convert" your transformer to circular core & coil design with all new core steel and new disc windings. Our clients have found this to be a very viable option as we have done over 25 of these "rectangular to circular" core & coil conversions.


Q. Do you buy surplus transformers?

A. Yes, we purchase substation transformers that are failed, gassing, or electrically good.


Q. Remanufactured sounds like a great option but I don't have a rewind candidate to send you. Do you have any in stock that could be redesigned and supplied?

A. We often have rewind candidates available that could be remanufactured to meet your specifications. Check with our sales department for availability.


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